Purgatory's Endeavor Album

2018-08-08 19:51 #0 by: Granja Del Toro

This is my latest edition to my hamstery. I had thought of getting a black yellow. Bit when i thought of it it actually did not matter, since i can get that colour myself. This little hulk to hunk was the choice for suitable mate to my precious Star Trance in next year. His name is Endeavor and he is a black short hair. He will arrive in mid September. Glad

2018-08-08 19:53 #1 by: Granja Del Toro

I take new pictures when he arrives home. Glad

2018-08-08 22:18 #2 by: Leia

He looks so big!!

All the best, Leia

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2018-08-08 23:06 #3 by: Granja Del Toro

#2 Yes he does Glad

2018-08-30 06:04 #4 by: Granja Del Toro

Newest pictures of Endeavor, taken by Ronja.

2018-08-30 06:04 #5 by: Granja Del Toro

In love


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