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Granja Del Toro
2018-08-02, 22:25

Tired of people who wants to cause trouble

I have had issues with 2 clients from another country that was interested to purchase a hamster. They even promised to pay for the transportation. But then after they payed for the hamsters, several weeks later after they found out the transportation fee,  from Vasa to Umea with boat. They backed off. I have had their hamsters here almost 2 months, because they where interested in litter nr 2. But backed off for that as well.  I told them there will not bee any refund, there is no purchase warranty or 30 days trial and money back, after the hamster is bought. Now one of them are at war with me. But that is my purchase terms, no refund once hamster is fully payed. How would you have handled this situation!?

2018-08-03, 17:16

Firmly but politely. If those were the terms, you are right to refuse a refund unless you want to. It sounds like an ignorant hamster buyer.

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

Granja Del Toro
2018-08-03, 20:35

Yes that is my terms when you buy hamster from me.  And yes they are a bunch of ignorant buyers…

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