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Granja Del Toro
2018-08-03, 00:01

Star Trance's Album

Star Trance, or Star that i call her, was both July 17th 2018. She is the most harmonious and cuddly little female i have ever seen. She loves sitting in my hand and enjoys every second of the cuddle she gets. She is not jumpy or even shy, she is perfect, just the way you want a breeding female to bee. She is black tort and white dominant spot in colour. Heart

2018-08-03, 12:29
Granja Del Toro
2018-08-03, 14:02

#8 Yes she is 🙂 She is a real cutie In love

2018-08-05, 22:29

I love looking through these albums In love

All the best, Leia

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