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Granja Del Toro
2018-03-16, 00:28

Hamsters I have had before

Over the years i have had lot of hamsters. I bought my first hamster when i was 15 i think it was. I started breeding hamsters 1999 and have been breeding them ever since, with a small break at times. I used to call my hamstery to Superstars, Superpaws and Amun-Ra. When I used to call my breeding to superstars and superpaws, I usually took names from movies,, songs, actors or celebritys. It was easy to find names that way…Here is a little list of hamsters I have had over the years…

  • Rascal  Cream shorthair Male
  • Mr Dude Boombastic  Yellow satin shorthair male
  • Vampire Dude Master Of Darkness Black satin shorthair male
  • Vampirella black lonhair female
  • Vampira black shorthair female
  • Lilith Queen Of Darkness black shorthair female
  • Alucard black shorthair rex male
  • Darude black eyed white rex shorthair
  • Bimba cream longhair female
  • Dusty golden shorthair male
  • Snutten cream shorthair male (died when he was 3 and a half years old)
  • Lou Bega black yellow shorthair male (called bega bu for short)
  • Zheverez Zvullo black yellow shorthair male
  • Zheverez Zocratez chocolate satin shorthair male
  • Zheverez Zorro black white banded rex shorthair male
  • Tazzars Dubbel-Knut silver black umb rex longhair male (Dubbel-Casanova's Father)
  • Ancylus Gos Crazy mink longhair female (Mother to Dubbel-Casanova)
  • Dubbel-Casanova golden homozygous umb lh male (all his pups became umbs)
  • Dubbel-Casandra golden umb rex longhair female
  • Zugarbaby black tort shorthair female
  • Vlad Tepez black rex shorthair male
  • Picus Röllipeikko red eyed cream longhar male
  • Picus Baldur yellow rex shorthair male
  • Dubbel-Trassel cream rex longhair male
  • Zheverez Bonita black tort satin shorthair female
  • Kahlua chocolate tort and white lh
  • Little Bear golden dominant spot shorthair male
  • Embrosia black rex lonhair female (mother to Dubbel-Casandra)
  • Genghis Khan mink shorthair male
  • Alkemistin Peilimaailmanpyörä cinnamon longhair male

And this was the list of some of the hamsters i used to have Laughing

2018-03-16, 14:52

Horrified that is a lot of hamsters! Do you get sad when they pass away or sell them?

All the best, Leia

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Granja Del Toro
2018-03-20, 23:03

#1 Yes naturally i get sad when they pass away, and when they leave for their new homes. But at the same time i know it is to good homes, so it heals the sadness over that they leave, quite a lot 🙂

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