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Granja Del Toro
2018-02-04, 20:34

Feeding hamsters organic

To prevent some unwanted risk for cancer and other unwanted diseases, I took the decision to start feeding my hamsters with organic food. I give them organic vegetables as well as organic baby food, including organic eggs etc. I have noticed a good change in hamsters by doing this. Their fur looks more healthy and shiny, their eyes looks more lively and healthy too. How ever, organic food do not cure hidden heart diseases or similar. But organic food can increase their lifespan better and, i have also noticed that skin problems tends to also decrease when giving proper organic food to hamsters. This days i try to stay away from anything non organic foods, with all this disgusting poisonous chemicals they spray on the vegetables to kill pests and weed. I have seen the pain hamsters go trough when they get cancer and if I can decrease that chance by giving organic food, then I will continue doing so…Laughing

2018-02-18, 14:20

Can you explain what you feed one hamster in a day with organic food? I’m wondering about the amount and exactly what they are allowed to eat. What kind of food is bad for them?

Granja Del Toro
2018-02-19, 04:31

Well their main food that they always need is the seeds. But you can give a small bona lid with a little peas, corn and carrots. I also give broccoli, cauliflower and salad, but i only give broccoli 2 times a week, since to much protein is not too good for them and broccoli is high in protein. Alfalfa sprouts they also love which is good for them. To Help young pups grow or if i think the adults need to get a bit more weight, i give them organic baby food (for 3- 5 months babies), i looks much like puree compared to the once to 6-12 months babies, which also often contains to much spices and onions. I also sometimes give them a small piece of cheese. If you cook fish to them, it needs to bee fish that is not spiced or salted, and does not contain fish bones. I am vegetarian so there will not bee any fish to them from me. I sometimes buy dried fly larva from pet store and put a tea spoon of it in their seed mix. You can also give a piece of cooked egg as long as it is cold and it is the egg white and unsalted. unsalted porridge is also good and a favourite to many, Including unsalted cooked macaroni, spaghetti and rice. You can give parsley to them for iron intake once or twice a week.🙂 Just like with human, the food for hamsters needs to bee balanced, Not to much and not to little.  And just like humans, hamsters can get bored if you give the same food  every day. So i change ingredients what i give them from time to time. And what hamsters like to eat, is from hamster to hamster, just like with humans 🙂

2018-02-22, 16:24

Okay. I'll keep that in mind. Thank you for the very  informative reply! 🙂

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