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Granja Del Toro
2018-02-07, 19:04

Have my eyes on a dove female

I have been recently looking at hamster to start breeding them again as long as I am here in Finland. And I have decided that this time I will focus on black and yellow based breeding mainly. So I have been looking around for 3 more hamsters and found a breeder that has recently got a black and yellow based litter. I first thought of a black tortshell, but she was already reserved to another one. Then i got my eye on this tortshell in stead, and i fell madly in love with her patterns and colouring. I have tried to write email to the breeder, but no response yet, hope to get a respond today though, so i know if she is available yet and reserved to me…..

The female that i am interested in is a dove tort and white dominant spot in colour. So I hope she is still available and will bee reserved to me.

Granja Del Toro
2018-02-12, 22:09

I have finally heard from the breeder and the dove tort and white dominant spot short hair female is now reserved to me. I am SO excited. She is one of a kind, when the colour and pattern is concerned. In love Her name is Filifjonkan. Laughing

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