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Granja Del Toro
2018-02-04, 20:21

What is a hybrid

Sometimes we can hear the word hybrid in the world of hamsters. What is a hybrid! A hybrid is a hamster that has has parents that are of two different species. Hybrids are found among dwaf hamsters and are mixes of two different dwarf species, like Roborowsky and cambell. Hybrids are what we could joke an call for a pet store dwarf simply because hybrids are way to common to bee found in pet stores. The reason is the pet stores carelessness of having two different species living together and not being able to see difference between a male and a female. Breeders of Dwarf hamsters are not interested in hybrids since they want to breed pure breed species.  How ever, it is not recommended to breeding hybrids, but they are ok as pets. Hybrids what I have heard from those who have had dwarves and even hybrids have said that Hybrids do tend to bee a bit more agresive than a non hybrid, and takes there for longer to tame than a non hybrid..

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