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Granja Del Toro
2017-05-22, 22:07

For Sale Info

In this section you can put your hamster and hamster accessories for sale. How ever there is a small rule on the title you have to follow to put an add. 

Signs used in the add

  • SM Syrian Male
  • SF Syrian Female
  • CM Campbell Male
  • CF Campbell Female
  • RM Roborovski Male
  • RF Roborovski Female
  • CDM Chinese Dwarf Male
  • CDF Chinese Dwarf Female
  • WWM Winter White Male
  • WWF Winter White Female
  • HM Hybrid Male
  • HF Hybrid Female
  • HA Hamster Accessories

SM  means syrian male hamster

SF means Syrian female hamster

CM  means Campbell male dwarf hamster

CF means Campbell female dwarf hamster

RM means roborovski male dwarf hamster

RF means roborovski female hamster

CDM means Chinese dwarf male hamster

CDF means Chinese dwarf female hamster

WWM means Winter White male dwarf hamster

WWF Winter white female dwarf hamster

HM means hybrid male hamster

HF means hybrid female hamster

HA means Hamster Accessories, such as cages, feeding bowls and more

Hybrids are hamsters that are mixed with another type of dwarf species. For example Cambell mixed with roborovski and etc

You will also need to put the date on the title as well, to tell everyone when this add was created. You will also in the add have a picture of the hamster that you are selling.

Bellow you will see an example of an add…


SM Mr Snuggles 21/5


SM Yellow short hair 21/7

Adds that do not follow this simple title rules or are without a picture will bee removed.  No particular title rule of selling accessories.

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